Carbonarm 1/4 Ball Mount

Sale price$35.00


2.5 cm diameter sphere with 1/4 thread (Standard for tripod) made of anticorodal aluminum and anodized with 40 micron military treatment to guarantee maximum resistance against wear and salt in time. This sphere is designed to be mounted on all photo and video accessories (for example go pro, compact digital cameras, DSLR, etc ..) which are prepared with whitworth thread. This special ball allows the above accessories to be attached to all Carbonarm systems such as polecams, arms, clips, etc .. At the center of the ball there is an o-ring which acts as a clutch: when the ball is tightened by the clips it is possible to loosen it in so that in the water you can move your arm without having to tighten it again.
  • 1/4 Ball Mount


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