UW Technics TTL-Converter for Sony A1-A9 for ISOTTA underwater housings, including Leak Detector onboard and Optical Bulkheads

UW TechnicsSKU: UWT-11059-HSS-B

Sale price$955.00


#11059-HSS-B Optoelectronic TTL-Converter for SONY A1-A9 cameras for ISOTTA underwater housings, including Leak Detector electronics, Sirene, Leak Sensor, and 2 pcs Optical Bulkheads with built-in LED. Compatible underwater strobes: Inon Z-330 / Z-240 / S-2000, Sea&Sea YS-D1 / YS-D2 (China) / YS-250, Ikelite DS161 /, DS160, Subtronic Pro-270 / Pro-160, Retra Pro (including HSS). Two optional ISOTTA electric bulkheads are supported as well, onboard sockets have ISOTTA style pinout. This TTL board is purposed for installation instead of Isotta electronics, directly on the metall wall of the housing upper front part, or on the plastic podium in the same place. Check your housing regarding such installation version before TTL system purchasing.

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