Divevolk SeaTouch 2 Pro Underwater Phone Housing with Touchscreen


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DIVEVOLK insist on technological innovation,
A new generation of touch screen technology.
One-hand operation, perfect cooperation with smartphones,
Assist you to record the best moments, you will enjoy underwater photography and much more!

Tested in Egypt, iPhone 8 by nature light, without the red filter, 2019, July
SeaTouch 2 PRO

SeaTouch Function Introduction
New Advantage:
• Real underwater touchscreen, button-free design
• Wireless Charge
• Compatible All APP
• Audio In and Out
• Listen to music, read books or even watch movies underwater while decompressing. Emergency call and positioning on the water surface

Applicable Models:
• iPhone 6/6s/7/8
• iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus
• iPhone X/XS/XS Max
• Pressure Balance
• One-handed Operation
• Comfort Grip
• 80m / 262 ft maximum waterproof depth.
• Suitable for underwater photography.
• Clear image view and easily control underwater.
• Super quality durable polycarbonate, ABS resist corrosion.

Packing: 1 pc including
• 1x Hand strap
• 1x Lens Brush
• 1 x Wiping Cloth
• 1 x User manual
• 1 x Multifunctional EVA travel bag
• 4 x iPhone Front support frame
• 2 x Spare Gasket

Important Reminder:
Please remove the protective film of the iPhone before using the diving phone case.

The price is only for the diving case, not including the wide-angle lens.
You can access here to buy a Wide-angle kit.

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