e-Turtle Smart TTL Trigger For Canon Systems


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A reliable TTL and Manual trigger which works via fiber optic cable or sync cord


This TTL trigger was developed for Canon DSLR camera systems. The new e-TURTLE SMART TTL trigger works in e-TTL2 mode and it's possible to change between Manual and TTL mode from the camera. The e-TURTLE SMART is the perfect choice for the demanding underwater photographer who needs a reliable TTL converter which works with the most popular underwater strobes 

Compatible camera models (as of 19.02.2019.): Canon 5D Mark4, Canon7D Mark2
Compatible strobes (as of 19.02.2019.): Ikelite DS160, Inon Z240/Z330
As we regularly add new models please download and check the software before purchasing for the compatible camera and strobe types.

The e-TURTLE SMART is a state-of-the-art user-friendly TTL converter that can be upgraded by the user via the USB port for the strobe characteristic camera type and some special feature parameter. Upon upgrading you simply choose the strobe and the Canon camera model from the software and download the setup to the TURTLE's memory. The TURTLE SMART triggers fit into the most popular underwater housings (tested with Nauticam, Subal, Hugyfot models).

The Internal charging system works via USB AB connector  (This is a common Android phone charger connector)

The package contains the e-TURTLE SMART TTL trigger for Canon cameras and the LED panel (with the new, brighter 150 cd LEDs) or the special cable for sync cord connection. If you want to connect your strobe via fiber optic cable we recommend using multicore cable! (Please write Us which kind of connection do you use. We also recommend writing us what kind of underwater strobe will you control with the TURTLE trigger so we can set up the unit you ordered.)

There is also a USB cable in the package for charging and upgrading.

If you prefer manual trigger, check out the e-TURTLE MANUAL for Canon systems!



e-TURTLE SMART drawing (measures in mm) 56.83KBDownloade-TURTLE SMART usermanual 1.37MBDownloade-TURTLE SMART loader for MAC 3.53MBDownloade-TURTLE SMART loader for PC 6.45MB

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