Inon 45 Degree Viewfinder (with Optional VF Diopter)

InonSKU: 4562121439306

Type: Viewfinder Only
Sale price$640.00


The 45°Viewfinder is an interchangeable finder unit to extend eye-point of camera's viewfinder without changing image size (x1.0) to see almost all finder image and display on the camera’s viewfinder even through a mask. The eye piece is at 45 degree angle to camera's optical axis which helps to shoot lower subject like a goby on seabed. Also the eye piece is 360 degree rotatable making it easy to shoot vertical composition from low angle.
*Finder corners may get slightly dark.
*The Lock Ring Tool for X-2 Housing and Finder Unit Fixing Screw Ring is not included.
■Weight: 337g (11.9oz) [air]


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