Inon Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200

InonSKU: 4562121438996

Sale price$315.00


Set contents: Rubber Hood 72, Rubber Hood Sleeve (Z-330/D-200), Step up Ring, W40°Filter LE x 2, Snoot Tube 10, Snoot Tube 26

The INON Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 is an accessory for the INON Z-330, D-200 to change beam angle. The various combinations of packaged parts deliver 7 different beam coverage with the following sophisticated effects
●To block extra diffused light eliminating backscatter
●To highlight a subject by illuminating the subject only
●To give a spotlight effect on a subject etc.

The Rubber Hood is securely attached on a compatible strobe via supplied dedicated aluminum sleeve which is screwed on the Strobe Light Shade mount screw on the strobe. The telescopic structure of the Rubber Hood helps to save space for storage.

Various combination for different beam coverage

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