Inon UFL-M150 ZM80 Underwater Micro Fisheye Lens

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Type: Lens Only
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●Compact fisheye lens to shoot through eyes of small marine life, so-called "insect-eye lens" imaging. The lens is designed to use at approx. 80mm zoom position (35mm film equivalent) not as like standard wide conversion lens.(*4)
●Underwater view angle is 150°. The subject side lens is compact diameter 32.9mm and minimum focal length is 0cm to capture a tiny subject in entire image together with background.
●The UFL-M150 ZM80 is an afocal system conversion lens which does not affect brightness of combined master lens and enables you to use benefit of camera's AF (auto focus).
●You can take full advantage of INON "S-TTL" Auto exposure of INON Z-330, D-200, S-2000 to benefit appropriate exposure images simply by pressing shutter release button.
The lens barrel has threaded wall to adjust lens position back and forth to accommodate with different master lenses among many compact digital cameras (*5).
●The UFL-M150 ZM80 is attached on compatible camera housing via combination of "Mount Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing and appropriate "Mount Converter".
(*1) Optional "M27-M67 Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80" is necessary.
(*2) Optional "M27-AD Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80" is necessary.
(*3) Optional "M27-LD Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80"is necessary.
(*4) This lens is designed for underwater use only. Using on land will not form an image.
(*5) Not usable for a compact digital camera carrying large master lens or super zoom function, or an interchangeable lens for a SLR camera system.

Product Specifications (*1)

Model UFL-M150 ZM80
Outer diameter / Length (*2) 39.7mm / 36.8mm (1.6in / 1.4in)
Weight (air / underwater) 66g / approx.41g (2.3oz / 1.4oz)
Lens construction 5 elements in 4 groups
Focal length (air / underwater) - / infinity (afocal system)
Magnification 0.15
Maximum incident view angle (air / underwater) (*3) - / 150°
Body material / Finishing Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy / Rigid black almite
Glass material / Finishing Optical glass / Both side anti-reflection coating
Mount thread diameter / pitch M27 / 1.0
Depth rating 60m / 197ft


Actual shooting distance (from lens surface) and camera's focus setting

Shooting distance
[from front edge of the lens] (*5)
Focus position (*4)
0mm 309.8mm
2.9mm 400mm
6.1mm 500mm
9.3mm 600mm
12.5mm 700mm
15.7mm 800mm
19mm 900mm
22.2mm 1000mm


(*1) Specification is subject to change without prior notice.
(*2) Excluding "Lock Ring"
(*3) Actual view angle (actual field of view) varies depending on zoom setting of combined camera.
(*4) Focus range / position on land (=visual distance underwater). Multiply by 1.33 for measured distance underwater.
(*5) Measured distance underwater. Divide by 1.33 for visual distance underwater.

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