Inon UWL-95 C24 M52 Wide Conversion Lens

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UWL-95 C24 features

 Totally renewed optical design successfully supports shooting at 24 mm wide end of large 1.0-type digital camera without vignetting on image corners to benefit enjoying quality underwater wide imaging in any situation.

Dual Use Land/Underwater
Delivers maximuInsm angle of view underwater approx. 95°.
When using on land, maximum angle of view increases approx. 159°to enjoy fisheye effect.
It’s easy to capture confined area or open space with camera stored in a housing.
Combination with dedicated optional Dome Lens Unit III further increases maximum underwater angle of view up to 141°.
■Minimum Focusing Distance 0cm
Installing the UWL-95 C24 on compatible camera/housing will have minimum focusing distance 0cm*.
Subject just in front of the lens or distant seascape never get out of focus.
The lens won’t limit shooting distance.
*When shooting at zoom wide end.
■Renewed Optical Design for Quality Underwater Images
Redesigned optical construction effectively suppresses flare/ghost in backlit condition.
Optimized optical design for compatible cameras’ master lenses, brings out high contrast and clear images
■Optical Anti-Reflection Coating (AR-Coating)
Having AR-coating on each optical element provides clear and stable image quality in any situation including unfavorable condition likely to have flare/ghost.
■Usable with All Zoom Range
All zoom range is usable when shooting through the UWL-95 C24.
For confirmed usable camera/housing click here
■Versatile Three Different Lens Mounts
Available lens mounts are M67 Type1, M67 Type2 and M52.
The M52 mount is directly screwed in a housing with M52 threaded mount without a step-up ring.
■Compatible with Super Wide Option for Underwater Angle of View 141°
Combination with optional Dome Lens Unit IIIA/Dome Lens Unit IIIG increases the UWL-95 C24 native underwater angle of view 95° to 141°.

■UWL-95 C24 M52 Wide Conversion Lens

 JAN Code:4562121439696

Compatible camera system (as of April, 2020)
・Olympus PT-059, PT-058, PT-056

※Installing on Olympus PT-059

■UWL-95 C24 M67 Type1 Wide Conversion Lens

 JAN Code:4562121439672

※Installing on Sony MPK-URX100A

 ■Compatible camera system (as of April, 2020)

・Sony MPK-URX100A
Confirmed camera models: RX100M3, RX100M4, RX100M5, RX100M5A

■UWL-95 C24 M67 Type2 Wide Conversion Lens

 JAN Code:4562121439689


■Compatible camera system (as of April, 2020)
A housing with a lens port of 6 mm/0.2 in or less distance between lens port edge and lens port surface.


Dome Lens Unit III features

Successfully delivers underwater angle of view approx. 141° when using with a digital camera equipped with a large (i.e. 1.0 inch) image sensor.
Smaller size comparing to the previous Dome Lens Unit II.
■Two Different Dome Materials to Choose; Acrylic or Glass
◇The Dome Lens Unit IIIA Using High Transparency Optical Acrylic Material◇
High transparency and lightweight optical acrylic dome provides quality image on a level with that of optical glass dome.
Acrylic is better tolerated than polycarbonate to discoloration by inevitable ultraviolet rays outdoors or scratches during long-term usage assuring to use this dome lens underwater.
The acrylic version is budget-friendly so would be good choice for those thinking to start wide angle photography.
◇The Dome Lens Unit IIIG Using Multicoated Optical Glass◇
Optical multi-coating effectively suppresses flare/ghost likely to happen in clear and bright underwater condition to provide quality images with high contrast.
The glass version delivers stable results in any situation, so is recommendable for those shooting in various conditions
■Optical Multi-coating Dramatically Improves Performance in Backlit Situation
Both acrylic and glass version are finished with optical multi-coating which suppresses flare/ghost effectively when shooting in bright and clear water or using back lighting technique to deliver clear and quality images with high contrast.

■Maximum Underwater Angle of View approx. 141°
The UWL-95 C24’s native underwater coverage approx. 95° will further increase to approx. 141° by installing the Dome Lens Unit III.
A compact digital camera equipped with a large 1.0-type image sensor fitted with this optical combination enables to deliver vivid wide angle imaging as like an action camera without vignetting.
■No Vignetting at Wide End 24 mm

Sony DSC-RX100M5A at wide end (24 mm)
Dome Lens Unit II
Dome Lens Unit III

The Dome Lens Unit III is optimally designed for a compact digital camera equipped with a large 1.0-type image sensor enabling to shoot at wide end 24mm/f1.8 without vignetting.
Compatible with a water-proof camera equipped with standard 1/2.3-type image sensor without vignetting at zoom wide end 25mm.
No need to zoom in or change zoom setting on a camera not to have vignetting as like previous models.
■Minimum Focusing Distance 0cm
As same as the UWL-95 C24 wide lens, a combination with the Dome Lens Unit III keeps same minimum focusing distance 0cm.*
Both wide macro imaging just in front of the subject or wide imaging to capture broad seascape are possible through the same lens combination.
*At zoom wide end
■Usable with All Zoom Range
All zoom range is usable when shooting through the UWL-95 C24.
For confirmed usable camera/housing click here
■Selectable Dome Material When Repairing
Either acrylic or glass material is available when purchasing. The dome material is replaceable one to another when repairing based on usage or budget as both material use same dome lens barrel.
The Dome Lens Unit III is a dedicated option for the UWL-95 C24 and not usable by itself.

Dome Lens Unit III assembly diagram
Left: Dome Lens Unit IIIA/UWL-95 C24 installed on Sony MPK-URX100A
Right: Dome Lens Unit IIIA/UWL-95 C24 installed on Olympus PT-059

■Dome Lens Unit IIIA

 JAN Code:4562121439719

※Product name is printed on the  dome frame

■Dome Lens Unit IIIG

 JAN Code:4562121439726

※Product name is printed on the  dome frame

Simple & Secure System 
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