Nauticam 9'' Optical-Glass White Balance Wide-Angle Dome Port

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The Nauticam 9” white balance dome port has been awarded with an extremely notable design award – the prestigious “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012”.

The 9” acrylic white balance wide angle dome port was able to inspire the experts with its creative design excellence. It received the globally sought-after Red Dot award for its "refined design" in the Outdoor, Leisure and Sports Category.

This dome port truly is a revolution in underwater imaging. No longer is the photo/video professional hampered with cumbersome slates and one-handed white balancing underwater. A custom-designed translucent iris within the port is controlled by the operator allowing precise white balance while both hands remain in contact with the housing. Results are accurate, convenient and most importantly the operation is unobtrusive.



Depth Rating 40m
Port System N120
Port Opening Diameter 98mm
Port Diameter 9"
Body Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Port Material Optical Glass
Port Coating Multi-layer Broad-band Anti-reflective Coating Inside
Port Shade Material ABS
Removable Port Shade
Spare O-ring 90140

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