Nauticam EMWL Objective Lens

NauticamSKU: 87221

Type: EMWL 60° Objective Lens
Sale price$1,865.00



Nauticam is dedicated to designing the finest underwater imaging products available. The new EMWL - Extended Macro Wide Lens - takes that innovation to the next level. The EMWL allows you to shoot macro, wide-angle and combine the styles to create images we only dreamed about previously!

The EMWL was built to work with several popular macro lenses (listed below) and is optimized for both stills and video. It is a wet mount design so the lens can be attached and removed underwater. This increases the versatility of the entire system and other accessories like SMC and CMC macro converters can also be used. It is a modular design with three individual pieces that make up the EMWL, the Focusing Unit, the Relay Module and the Objective Lens. Nauticam has made components optimized to work with different camera manufacturers and their macro lenses, as well as choices for three unique perspectives.

More information about the EMWL system is explained in this blog post.

Objective Lens Product  Number Diameter x Length (mm) Weight in Air/UW
60︒ 87221 62.0 X 97.0 378/260g
100︒ 87222 62.0 X 88.5 219/140g
130 ︒ 87223 62.0 X 123.2 520/310g

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