Weefine WF075 Solar Flare 25000 Video Light

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Weefine Diving Gear Solar Flare 25000, includes a strobe mode, which is one of design patents Weefine brand . Under the strobe mode ,the light automatically enters into standby mode with a low brightness value whether you are taking photos or not. This will ensure a longer burn time. There is a customized strobe input port for optical cable that connects the light with the camera. The strobe intensity is over 25,000 Lumens .

Spherical transparent glass dome and multi-COB light source makes a wider beam angle that is up to 160° underwater .

Weefine Solar Flare 25000 is a professional diving light for photographers and it has the option to be controlled by a remote control unit.

Weefine Solar Flare 25000 has underwater one-way dual-control safety valve, which is also one of the design patents of Weefine brand. Under the extreme environment, when the internal air pressure value of dive light increases value , the underwater one-way dual-control safety exhaust valve will automatically open to release high-pressure gas . At the same time ensuring that the sea water cannot seep into the internal chamber of the diving light, which in turn greatly enhance the safety factor of the diving light.
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