WFL13 Diving Equipment Close-up Len M67+18

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WEEFINE Diving Gear WFL13 is a premium underwater equipment close-up lens.Diving supplies comes with a +18 diopter (Air and Underwater) in optical power and allow the close-up shooting in a very short object distance (30mm-53mm).

Diving Equipment WFL13 is designed by 3 high quality optical glasses with an achromatic doublet.This achromatic helps to reduce the axle chromatic aberration.

Key Features:
•Lens Construction: 3 elements;3 group
•Compatible Camera (Up to):Sensor Size:18mm x 13.5mm
•Diopter(Underwater Focal length):+18(55.2mm)
•Focusing Range :30mm - 53mm
•Glass / Coating : Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating
•Lens Barrel:Aluminum with Type II Anodizing
•Mounting:M67x P0.75
•Dimension:⊘72 x 32mm
•Weight:300(Air) 125g(Underwater)
•Depth Rate:60m(197ft)
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