Nauticam NA-TG6 NA-TG6 Housing for Olympus Tough TG6 Camera (Bayonet Mount)
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The Olympus Tough TG-6 is the latest in their line of IP6X rated go-anywhere compact cameras. The TG-5, which also works inside the NA-TG6 housing, was a huge hit amongst underwater photographers as it was able to capture even super-macro images without any need for diopters. The TG-6, while sharing the same sensor and basic features of the TG-5 has added even more underwater-specific enhancements such as more control over shutter speed and the ability to capture super macro even while in aperture-priority mode. The TG-6 is a clear example of Olympus' drive to create a camera that rises to meet the ever evolving needs to the traveling compact camera user.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions162mm(W) x 103mm(H) x 93mm(D)
Weight0.67kg (in air)
Depth Rating100m



The Olympus TG-6 shares the same 12MP BSI CMOS sensor with the TruePic VIII quad-core processor. The camera itself is IP6X rated to be waterproof up to 50ft (which is actually IPX8 spec!) as well as crushproof to 220lbf and freezeproof to 14º F and features an upgraded rear LCD screen. The feature that made the TG-5 a true macro game-changer was the 1cm minimum focus distance. For the TG-6, this feature has seen stronger implementation through the ability to use it outside of the dedicated Microscope Mode.

Key Camera Specifications

  • 12MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • Waterproof to 50ft
  • 4K/30p UHD Video Capture
  • 1080/120p FHD High-speed Video Capture
  • Selectable Underwater White Balance Modes


On the TG-5, in order to take advantage of the camera's ability to focus at a mere 1cm from the lens to capture true super-macro images, the camera needed to be set to the dedicated Microscope Mode which forced the camera into a wider-open aperture. The resulting images had impressive magnification but there was no control over the depth-of-field and significant ambient light intrusion. With the TG-6, there is now a selectable Super Macro Focus mode available in Aperture Priority Mode. This gives the shooter complete control over Aperture. Combined with the added ability to set a minimum shutter speed as high as 1/500sec and limiting the maximum ISO, it is possible to regain control over both the depth-of-field and render clean black backgrounds free of ambient light.


While the TG-5 did feature an underwater white balance setting, the TG-6 now allows for even greater differentiation with depth-specific preset white balances. for shallow, mid-depth, and deep. These can be used inside the Aperture Priority mode and are helpful when shooting scenes lit purely by ambient light.


The 4K/30p video option can now be selected from the Quick Menu as opposed to switching the cameras Mode Dial over to Movie Mode. This combined the with the dedicated Super Macro Focus mode brings all the benefits listed above for still images to 4K video capture as well, all within the underwater-friendly Aperture Priority mode.


Nauticam has supported the Olympus Tough series continuously since the TG-3. Despite the camera being waterproof on its own, the addition of a machined aluminum Nauticam housing transitions the TG-6 into a true underwater image-making platform. Access to essential controls is not only translated into the housing but improved with large well-placed and clearly labeled buttons and dials. The NA-TG6 is compatible with both the TG-5 and TG-6 camera models.


The NA-TG6 comes with an integrated Bayonet Mount which will work with all previous Bayonet Mount accessories as well as the new WWL-C Wet Wide Lens for compact camera systems. The WWL-C is designed to bring true underwater-specific ultra-wide angle performance to 24mm equivalent lenses such as that found on the TG-5 and TG-6 cameras. The WWL-C in a low-profile wet-mate corrective optic that delivers 130º field-of-view with full zoom-through capability. The lens can easily be removed underwater when macro situations arise and securely stored with one of the Nauticam Bayonet Mount storage solutions.


With the Nauticam NA-TG6 there are both a cold-shoe and M10 threaded mounting point on the housing. These can be outfitted to support a variety of lighting accessories. If even more flexibility is needed, the housing ships with a set of stainless steel stiffening brackets and a shutter release extension for use with the Nauticam Flexitray II system. The addition of the tray, an Adjustable Right Handle and optional Strobe Mounting Balls (71311) creates an even more stable shooting platform with up to four accessory mounting locations.

NOTE: When using with 71207 Flexitray II, the baseplate must be rotated 180º and the handles adjusted accordingly.


The NA-TG6 is able to transmit the camera's internal flash to supported external strobes via Nauticam Universal Fiber Optic Cables which plug directly into the Sea&Sea style bulkheads on the front of the housing. The included diffuser can also be attached to use the internal flash as the primary light source.


The NA-TG6 can be outfitted with Rails (25123) above and below the rear LCD display window that can accommodate the LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment (25106). The magnifier not only functions as a shade to assist in bright shooting conditions it can magnify the screen to help judge critical focus. The magnifier features a dioptric adjustment to set the focus for your vision, even when using a prescription mask.



Download the PDF Manual for the NA-TG6

What's In The Box

  • NA-TG6 Housing with Bayonet Mount
  • 2x Optical Bulkhead Plugs (Pre-Mounted)
  • Spare O-ring 90126, O-ring removal tool and lubricant
  • Allen Key Set
  • Set of handle brackets and shutter release extension
  • Diffuser

Recommended Accessories

  • 25123 LCD Magnifier attachment rails for NA-G7X/G7XII/TG5/G7XIII/TG6
  • 25106 LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment
  • 36316 Hand strap for Mirrorless IL camera & compact camera housing (Standard)
  • 25221 M10 strobe mounting ball for housing

Compatible Tray System

  • 71207 Flexitray II with left handle (with 2pcs 1/4'' screws)
  • 71208 Adjustable right handle II (for Easitray II &Flexitray II)

Wet Lens Compatibility

  • 83203 Wet Wide Lens Compact (WWL-C) 130 Deg. FOV with Compatible 24mm Lenses (incl. float collar)
  • 81301 Compact Macro Convertor 1 (CMC-1, 4.5x Magnification)
  • 81302 Compact Macro Convertor 2 (CMC-2, 2.8x Magnification)
  • CMC-1 and CMC-2 require the use of 83214 Bayonet Mount Adapter for SMC/CMC




An oversized rotary latch seals the housing, and securely locks in place without risk of accidental opening. 


Our Mission Control design philosophy places all the essential controls right where you need them to be with intuitive, clearly labeled button and dial placement.


The NA-TG6 ships with stainless steel stiffening brackets and a shutter release extension that can be used with the optional Flexitray II or Easitray II to further increase stability and accessory mounting.


The NA-TG6 ships with an integrated Bayonet Mount to accommodate optional Premium Professional Optics such as the WWL-C which provides 130º ultra-wide angle close-focus performance.