Weefine Smart Focus 4000 Video Light

Brand: Weefine
SKU: WF071

Weefine Smart Focus 4000 video light is a true all-in-one unit. On the surface it is a compact, only 138mm long, 4000 lumen video light with high-quality COB LED style array. On top of this, it also has 100 lumen red beam and a 18W deep blue “UW” beam for fluorodiving. This would be good for your average video light but the Weefine Smart Focus comes with a kicker. All the different colour beams can also be used as AFO spotting light and Strobe light.

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S$ 498.00 S$ 709.00

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    Brightness : 4000 Lumens.
    Beam Angle : 100°.
    Color Temperature : 5000K.
    Mode : (White/Red/Blue/Red+Blue)
    Power Level : 100% / 75% / 50% / 25%
    Burn Time : Approx. 60 minutes
    Button : Dual push button with battery level meter.
    Battery : 4 * 18650 wrapped to single cell.
    Depth Rated : 100m / 330ft.
    Weight : 560g on land 215g under water
    Dimension : 137.6mm x 60mm x 70mm