Weefine Smart Focus 5000 Video Light

Brand: Weefine
SKU: WF082

Weefine Diving Equipment Smart Focus 5000 Video light is a true all-in-one unit for diving gear. On the surface, the diving flashlight is compact, only 141mm long, and provides 5000 lumens of high-quality COB LED style array video light. Additionally, it features a 100 lumen red beam for focus use and a blue beam for shooting creatures with fluorescence.

Weefine Scuba Equipment Smart Focus 5000 Video light has a built-in automatic protection function against overheating, making it a professional diving light designed for underwater photography. When used in areas with an ambient temperature higher than 50℃, the dive torch will automatically reduce the brightness to 20%. This protects the diving flashlight components from damage caused by excessive heat.

Weefine diving supplies Smart Focus 5000 Video light is an underwater flashlight that also includes a strobe function. This feature allows photographers to use low-brightness white light or colored light as a focus light source. When the camera shutter is pressed, the white light will strobe for 0.1 second, while the focus light turns off, achieving the desired photo effect. The focus light will then be turned on again after the strobe light goes out for 1 second.

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