Underwater Housings

Protect your handphone or camera against the sun, the sand and the sea.


Illuminate the depths with our wide range of underwater lights.


Essential for stills photography

Arms & Clamps

The common connection links from camera to lights or strobes.

Trays & Handles

Setup of the entire underwater photography rig starts here.

Dive Computers

Your dive watch helps to keep you within your own safety limits.

 the various brands ...

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nauticam port chart

Nauticam Port Charts

Choose the right ports for the lens that you wish to use with Nauticam Underwater Housings. From N85, N100 and N120 Port Sizes.

Port Charts

aoi port chart

AOI Port Charts

Tailor made for the Olympus System Underwater Housings or the AOI Housings for OM-Systems Cameras.

Port Charts