Inon M6 Joint
Brand: Inon
SKU: 4562121436572

The M6 Joint is an optional product to attach the Direct Base III or Direct Base YS RT on a Stick Arm or Multi Ball Arm (*1) to hold a strobe or LED flashlight on the middle of arm (*2).

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This combination does not exist.

Mounts and Attachments Inon

Please check with us on availability if this item is urgently required.

(*1) Unable to attach on the "Multi Ball Arm SS".

(*2) The Direct Base III combined with an arm via this product, can hold single strobe or two LED flashlights with the Clamp III but not able to hold any heavier combination like a strobe and an LED flashlight together, three or more LED flashlights or attaching single strobe or two LED flashlights via arm with two or more Clamp III.

Weight: 24g (0.8oz) [air] / approx.15g (0.5oz) [underwater]

Compatible arm

Stick Arm XS-T/SS-T/S-T/M-T/L

Multi Ball Arm S/ML/L/LL/XL