Inon UCL-G55 SD Underwater Close-up Lens (incl. Focus Stick)
Brand: Inon
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Powerful close-up lenses for GoPro

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Wet Lens Inon

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Lens construction 2 groups 2 elements2 groups 3 elements
Body material
Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy / rigid black alumite, PC etc.
Lens material/coatingOptical glass / both side coating
View angle(underwater) Approx. 90°Approx. 45°
Depth of field 7.0cm / 2.7in to 15.2cm / 5.9in4.8cm / 1.8in to 6.2cm / 2.4in
Compatible cameraHERO4 and later
77mm / 3.0in (diameter)
26.8mm / 1.1in (length)
77mm / 3.0in (diameter)
25.2mm / 1.0in (length)
With Focus Stick
W172 x H 91 x D95mm / W6.7 x H3.5 x D3.7in [Focus Stick extended]
W172 x H125 x D29mm / W6.7 x H4.9 x D1.1in [Focus Stick folded]
W121 x H 91 x D87mm / W4.7 x H3.5 x D3.4in [Focus Stick extended]
W121 x H120 x D28mm / W4.7 x H4.7 x D1.1in [Focus Stick folded]
Weight174g / 6.1oz (lens standalone, air)
49.6g / 1.7oz (Focus Stick standalone, air)
102g / 3.5oz (with Focus Stick, underwater)
184g / 6.4oz (lens standalone, air)
45.4g / 1.6oz (Focus Stick standalone, air)
116g / 4.0oz (with Focus Stick, underwater)
Depth rating60m / 196.9ft
Mount systemINON SD Mount
RemarksCompatible INON “SD Front Mask” is required to use the attachment lens.


Lens Features for Different Shooting Situations

The UCL-G165II SD provides a wide angle of view and a deep depth of field suitable for macro photography capturing the surrounding environment with a subject.  The UCL-G100 is an easy-to-use, all-purpose close-up lens with a significantly shorter minimum focus distance while maintaining an underwater angle of view similar to that of the GoPro® alone and a deeper depth of field than other lenses in its class. The UCL-G55 enables ultra-high magnification close-up photography unprecedented with GoPro® and is specially designed for photographing small critters such as nudibranchs.


Changing Field of View Setting of GoPro for Further Magnification

The distance between two sticks represents a shooting range when GoPro® is set to "WIDE". GoPro® has several field of view settings, and with "Linear" or other narrower angle of view, it is possible to shoot at an even higher magnification. Shooting at a high resolution such as 4K with "1.4x" zoom can enlarge the subject even more with relatively less image quality degradation.


*The UCL-G55 SD provides ultra-high magnification, so using a tripod is recommended for handshake-free video.

Video by : Yasushi Setoguchi

Blur-free Focus Aid Feature (PAT.P)


Visually indicates the distance to focus, and can easily fold not to limit camera placement.

The Focus Stick width covers the field of view when the camera is set to WIDE. With the UCL-G100 SD, the tip of the Focus Stick indicates the minimum focusing distance, and the depth of field is 8.2 cm/3.2 inch from the tip. With the UCL-G55 SD, two protrusions on each stick indicate depth of field to locate a subject between the two protrusions for in focus filming. It is easy to take sharp and crispy high magnification close-up video by referring to the Focus Stick and checking the composition on the rear monitor. The Focus Stick rotates 360° and has clicks every 90°, so it can be instantly flipped up when not in use. Vertical installation is also possible. The Focus Stick body is attached to the lens with retaining screw ring and can be separated from the lens when not in use.


Focus Stick for UCL-G165II

-- Coming soon

-- JAN/EAN Code : 457001812 089 3

Compatible with " UCL-G165II SD ". Can be set either the top or bottom of the lens. The tip of the Focus Stick indicates the minimum shooting distance with the UCL-G165II SD ; the far end of the depth of field is 25 cm/9.8 inch from the stick tip. The Focus Stick tip also indicates edge of the field of view when the camera is set to Linear. The Focus Stick rotates 360° and has clicks every 90°, so it can be instantly flipped up when not in use. 

*Not compatible with the previous “UCL-G165 SD”.

Body material
ABS, PC etc.
Compatible LensUCL-G165 II SD Underwater Wide Close-up Lens
Compatible CameraHERO4 and later
SizeWith UCL-G165II SD
W91 x H141 x D125mm / W3.5 x H5.5 x D4.9in [Focus Stick extended]
W110 x H141 x D29mm / W4.3 x H5.5 x D4.1in [Focus Stick folded]
Weight41g / 1.4oz (Focus Stick standalone, air)
246g / 8.6oz (with UCL-G165ll SD, air)
135g / 4.7oz (with UCL-G165ll SD, underwater)
RemarksNot compatible with the previous “UCL-G165 SD”.

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