Divevolk Seatouch 4 Sealink Contact Type Underwater Wifi Signal Transmitter

Brand: Divevolk

The SeaLink Contact-type underwater Wi-Fi signal transmitter is a unique design that build up Wi-Fi connection between smartphone and camera underwater. It allows users to operate the camera through smartphone, or to take the smartphone as an underwater monitor for the camera.

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Product Parameter

Model Number




Signal Gain

6 dbi


80 Meters

Wire Length



Package Included

① The SeaLinkTM contact-type underwater Wi-Fi signal transmitter

② L shape bracket

③ I shape bracket

④ M6 screw x 4 pieces

⑤ 1/4 screw x 1 piece

⑥ Gasket x3 pieces

⑦ Quick Start Guide

⑧ EVA packing case

Instruction for use

① Please position the sensor within the screen area of camera housing in case the aluminum alloy camera housing isolates the Wi-Fi signal.

② Do not over-bend the wire, otherwise it will be damaged or affect the waterproof performance.

③ The SeaLinkTM Contact-type Wi-Fi signal transmitter needs to be installed on the expansion clamp of the SeaTouch housing.

④ It might be slight delay of the image transmission when using the Wi-Fi connection, the transmission status will vary depending of the performance of different camera.

⑤ It is recommended to complete the pairing and connection of the smartphone and the camera on land before launching into the water.

⑥ In order to use this product better, please watch the operation video before further use.

Installation diagram

① Use two M6 screws to fix the sensor on the expansion clamp of the SeaTouch housing

② Position the sensor on the edge of The SeaTouch housing

③ Use a M6 screw to fix the other senor on the L shape bracket

④ Use a M6 screw to fix the L shape bracket on the I shape bracket

⑤ Use the 1/4 screw to fix the I shape bracket on the bottom of the camera housing