Sea&Sea YS-03 Solis STROBE
Brand: Sea&Sea
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S$ 380.00 S$ 395.00

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    Everybody can enjoy TTL strobe photography with this affordable, easy to use, compact underwater strobe

    YS-03 SOLIS

    Product No. 03125

    Easy and Versatile Slave TTL

     As the YS-03 SOLIS has been designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera’s built-in flash, it is not necessary to manually adjust output. The YS-03 SOLIS is compatible with any camera with a pre-flash and that has a TTL flash exposure function, regardless of make. 

    Taken without strobe (ambient light) ​      

    Simple Controls

     The YS-03 SOLIS has been designed for any underwater photographer to use and is easy to understand. The only control is the rotary power switch and by simply turning the switch from OFF to TTL you can take beautiful images. 

    Charged and ready to trigger.TTL exposure confirmed. ​TTL exposure confirmed.

    TTL exposure confirmed.

    Comes with diffuser as standard

     The half-translucent section diffuses and softens the light from the strobe. Using the diffuser gives softer, more evenly exposed images. The diffuser will also help reduce effects of overexposed images or when strong light produces shade/shadow in the image. 


    • [Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] 20
    • [Beam Angle] 100°x 100° (with diffuser 110°x110°)
    • [Batteries] 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
    • [Number of Flashes] A: 230 Ni-MH(2500mAh): 300
    • [Recycle time (full)] A: 2.5 sec. Ni-MH: 1.9 sec.
    • [Color temperature] 5600K
    • [Color temperature w/diffuser] 5250K
    • [Depth rating] 75m / 250ft
    • [Dimensions (WxHxD)] 68x108x129mm / 2.7x4.3x5.2inches
    • [Weight] : 430g / 15.2oz (w/o batteries) * Fixing bolt fitted
    • [Underwater weight] : Approx. +10g / 0.4oz(w/ batteries)
    • [Others]
      - Auto power OFF function
      - Sync cord: Fiber-Optic Cable
      - Over-pressure relief valve
    • [Set Items]Fixing bolt, diffuser
    •  *A Fiber-Optic Cable will also be required when using the YS-03.
      *Use of genuine SEA&SEA Fiber-Optic Cables is recommended. SEA&SEA strobes may not function properly if third-party Cables are used (functions such as TTL auto exposure in particular).

      Do not use non-recommended batteries (such as lithium primary batteries). Use of non-recommended batteries may cause battery leakage and overheating and may cause the strobe to rupture, which could result in personal injury.
      Easy to use, providing the best results at a very affordable strobe.

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